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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the attorney general sought to -- months after stevens said good-bye to the senate. >> may god bless the senate and every member of this body. i yield it for the last time. >> in a statement, steven's family thanked rescuers for their efforts. terrell brown, cbs news. >> his teenage son is among the survivors of the crash. tonight, rescuers have been able to evacuate all of the injured and get them to hospitals. the national transportation safety board scheduled a press conference at 8:00 tonight alaska time to talk about the investigation. meantime, here's some background on senator ted stevens. before being elected to the senate, he served in the alaska state house and at the interior department. his wife, katherine, was killed in another plane crash back in 1978. senator stevens was one of two survivors of that crash. the white house issued a statement on former senator stevens death. it reads, a decorated world war
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ii veteran, senator ted stevens devoted his career to serving the people of alaska and fighting for our men and women in uniform. michelle and i extend our condolences to the family and those of the families that parished alongside stevens. we are hearing the weather may have played a role. topper, you are in the weather center with more on what happened. >> it is still conjecture and they will have to investigate. we are going zoom all the way up into alaska now. we do know it was cloudy. we do know there was low visibility with cloud. there were also showers in the area. we are talking about a single engine plane and this is really how you get around up here, because the state is so incredibly big. we are looking at a little pressure, and that caused perhaps some of the showers. here's the latest radar. a couple showers around billingham and to the north up toward vest sell and further north up toward fair bank. any time you have a single
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engine plane, the conjecture begins with instrument rated. you have to glue your head to the instruments and trust the instruments and not worry where the horizon is. when you have fog, it's easy to lose track where the horizon is. police across the country are comparing notes to try to catch a killer tonight. they believe the same man wanted in connection with three stabbings is also behind several murders and stabbings in toledo, ohio. following this story since it broke yesterday. she is live with the latest tonight. >> reporter: we spoke to the first victim's mother tonight. on the phone, she tells us her 15-year-old son was stabbed. she tells us it took two hours of surgery to stop the bleeding. >> and the guy was just bleeding a lot. >> jose ramirez was working the night shift last tuesday
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when a 15-year-old boy ran into the store bleeding. >> i was -- i mean i never seen it before. >> police say the 15-year-old was the michigan serial killer's first victim in leesburg. the boy was jogging on plaza street around 9:30 tuesday and suddenly stabbed in the back. yet his mother tells us he continued to run for help. >> i was talking to 911 on the phone and they just -- >> the suspect's third attack was caught on camera, but police released this portion of the surveillance video, showing the suspect's glean and beige chevy blazer. >> you see that the individual appears to be stalking his victims. >> police say the 19-year-old man was beaten with a hammer, but managed to get away before it got worse. police say the alleged serial killer sought out his victims because he believed they were black. although the suspect is alleged
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to have stabbed a man in toledo, ohio. leesburg police are operating as if he is still in the area and asking all residents to be in alert. >> this is an individual that is very dangerous. we want our community to be vigilant, to be aware, but not to let someone like this control their lives. >> as for the 15-year-old victim, he survived because of his instincts to run to the right place. >> he sees me, god bless him and i hope he sees better. >> he may indeed hear that message. the 15-year-old is recovering at home with his family this evening. we have also learned that the 67-year-old man who was stabbed just outside of his home, which is literally a block away from the police station here has lost a kidney. he's in serious condition still in the hospital. lesley. >> incredible. i understand there was a second person at the sonoco that played a role in saving that teen's life? >> a gentleman who jumped into
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action. we'll have his part of the story coming up at 6:00. >> all right, we'll see you then. alexandria police need your help to identify a robbery suspect. this robbery happened early on the morning of july 22 in the 3400 block of mount vernon avenue. the store clerk was robbed after the suspect purchased some cigarettes. when that clerk opened the cash register, the robber climbed over the counter, took the cash out of the register, and ran away. the clerk was unharmed. >> it's a tough day outside. let's get out to topper shutt because those who may be at the baseball gam tonight, top. >> it's a nice night for baseball. if you are going out there, expect temperatures at game time in the mid 90s. it's going to fall in the mid 80s. partly cloudy skies and still very hot. speaking of hot, look at this. temperatures now down to 96 at national. record high was 98. so far, we have hit 97. we've been close to a record.
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91 up in gaithersburg. factor in the humidity, it's not terribly humid and feels like 97 downtown. we are looking at 94 at the temperature your body feels as you head up 270. we'll come back and talk about whether or not we set any records. we'll also look ahead to when the heat breaks. back inside to you guys. >> as you know, heat like this is more than just a hassle. it can also be dangerous. scott broome continues our team coverage live from southeast washington, d.c. scott. >> well, the big heat story today in washington, d.c. is that places like here, where high school outdoor practices have been suspended or postponed until after 6:00 p.m. because it is a code orange day and that's what the law requires. > a beautiful turf field here, but at 96 degrees in the shade at 2:00 p.m., you won't find any players anywhere near it. >> no practice can be held until after 6:00 p.m. >> washington, among the
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jurisdictions that has a detailed and mandatory heat precaution policy for its high school athletes and today that made blue a ghost town. among the rules, no outdoor practices between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on code orange or worse days. caffeinated energy drinks are banned from practices. because they can make heat effects worse. there are mandatory water breaks and yes, mandatory weigh ins and urine samples to monitor fluid loss in athletes. the city's high school athletic director said professional trainers are mandatory. >> a lot of what we do is deals with hydration. they really gear toward using water, making sure that we take break intervals that are healthy for the athlete whether that be every five minutes we stop and we take a water break for at least five minutes to make sure the athletes are hydrated is really the key and making sure the kids are inside, out of padding when need be, when temperature is
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too hot. we'll go with t-shirts or shorts. >> the death of 16-year-old deck miller apparently from heat related causes at montgomery county's northwest high school a year ago is a reminder of what's at stake. his uncle talked about the tragedy last august. >> he had signs of dehydration and you know, possibly a heatstroke. deck was interested in playing football. he was a great kid. quiet, kind, polite, respectful. unassuming. >> and according to the ncaa, which monitors college football, this is the highest risk time for athletes. when it's the preseason and before the athletes are in condition to deal with heat. the precautions like we are seeing here in washington, backed up by the medical science, backed up by the ncaa. there's a reason they aren't going to practice here until after 6:00. reporting live in southeast
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washington, scott broom, 9news now. >> thank you. the city of alexandria is warning residents to look out for scam artists in the wake of last week's storms. people are going around claiming to be city contractors willing to remove some of those downed trees, but the city says they are collecting what they call fees, they take off with the money. if you think you've been approached by one of these scam artists, call police. canal road is open after a tree blocked several lanes this morning. it fell between clark place around 8:30 and that tree also brought down wires, so all the traffic was diverted on to reservoir until everything was cleared. we can only hope that this evening's rush hour is a bit smoother, patranya. >> problems on 395, massive delays starting at washington boulevard south of extel. the right transition lane closed, do give yourself an extra 20 to 25 minutes to go through that stretch. now moving right along to 495
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north inner loop between silver spring and college park, afternoon delays, a lot of volume, but no incidents to report as of now. and if you are relying on public transit to get around, metro, minor delays on the red line due to the problems at grovener station. bow train lines are running below speed because of heat orders issued. derek, back to you. thanks patranya. metro says it is keeping a close touch with the department of homeland security about a possible threat to the transit system. transit police were notified of that threat last sunday. it stemmed from reports that someone in turkey was trying to purchase a passport to target the dc subway system. metro emphasizes you should contact police or a station manager if you see anything suspicious on a bus or a train. the guardian angels plan to step up their paroles. that's after this weekend's brawl at the gallery place station. more than 70 people were
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involved in that fight, which then spilled on to the trains and then into the lafont train plaza itself. they plan to parole the station between congress heights and fort totten to keep the peace. metro has not asked for any security assistance. while millions of americans struggle in the current economy, a new study reveals that government workers pay and benefits are on average double that of private sector workers. the u.s.a. today analysis shows it's a pattern that has been unfolding for nearly a decade. andrea has been staging public opinion today and joins us live from the national mall. >> well lesley, as you know, here on the mall, you get a good mix of federal workers and folks employed in the private sector. when you bring up the pay and the difference between them, things get tense. >> you want to talk about it? >> most government workers didn't want to talk to us. >> what's your name? >> i can't tell you. >> those who would didn't
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mince their words about the disperty in pay. >> i don't believe it. i find that hard to believe. if we are getting paid twice as much, i feel sorry for the privat sector. >> federal civil servants earned an average pay and benefits package of just over $123,000 last year. that's compared to $61,000 in the private sector. >> it's a joke. because the fact is, they don't. i mean, the private industry makes much more money, isn't regulated by the government and everyone knows that. >> i was in federal government for ten years, then i was out in private industry for 20 years and now i'm back in the federal government and i really have no comment because, you know, it wouldn't be very fair. >> federal workers have allegedly been given higher pay and more benefits than private employees for the last nine years. >> it is definitely not a good
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policy for the economy. you don't want to lure people out of the productive sector of the economy into a government work force that is already too big. >> public employee unions say the difference in pay stems from the higher level of skill and education required for most federal jobs. and lesley, it should come as no surprise that most government workers don't tend to leave their jobs voluntarily. in fact, according to the bureau of labor statistics, their departure rate is six times lower. i hope you heard that. six times lower than people employed in the private sector. reporting live from the national mall, andrea mccarren. thanks andrea. still to come, a flight attendant loses his cool and becomes an internet sensation. you have to hear about this. >> lawmakers interrupt their vacations and rush back to capitol hill for a crucial vote on a multibillion dollar jobs bill. the motion is adopted. >> i'm joel brown, the story
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coming up. wcwcwcwc
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thousands of people lining up today for the mere opportunity to become a prince georges county firefighter. in fact, more than 3,000 people applied for the just 94 openings with the department. that application period has since closed, but more testing is scheduled for tomorrow and we'll have more on those big lines coming up tonight at 6:00. >> and firefighter, just one of the jobs getting a boost from capitol hill today. the house came back from summer break to devote on a $26,000 bill to fund federal jobs. joel brown is live with the latest. >> reporter: very unusual to be standing here now in the middle of august. this is summer vacation on capitol hill. but democrats and the house said this was a vote that couldn't wait. >> lawmakers came back from
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vacation for a rare emergency session and passed a bill aimed at helping states. >> the motion is adopted. >> democrats insist the $26 billion bill will save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of public service workers. >> these funds are needed now to prevent layoffs and rehire teachers and prevent law enforcement officers. >> the bill gives local governments $10 billion to hire layed off teachers. it also sends states $16 billion in medicaid payments. that will help cash strapped states avoid cutting back their payrolls. republicans say this is just another example of democrats spending money the government doesn't have. >> my constituents had one message, stop the spending. obviously congress isn't listening. >> but democrats argue the bill won't add to the deficit they say tart of the cost is covered by simply closing tax loopholes. in the hours before the vote,
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president obama appeared with teachers who had been layed off to turn up the heat on lawmakers. >> we can't stand by and do nothing while pink slips are given to the men and women who educate our children or keep our community safe. >> republican leaders say the country can't afford it. >> we are broke. we do not have the money to bail out the states. >> the bill's next stop is president obama's desk. that aid package for the state passes today largely along party lines. president obama expected to sign it as early as tonight. derek. >> joe brown, we thank you. spending to saving, the census bureau said you helped save the government $1.6 billion this year. well that's if you returned your census forms. the agency says so many of us did send back the questionnaire, it didn't have to dip into any emergency funding set aside for additional outreach. it also credits quick work by the people who did have to go door to door for the 28% of
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americans who did not respond by mail. >> come back, it's just as hot as it was when i went away. >> except summer version. >> yeah, we are looking at a near record high today. the numbers are not in, but we are very, very close. 97 so far. record high 98. we have a little bit of change, but this type of year, though, derek, we cool back and go back to 90. the next three days, 95 tomorrow. a little better. a few storms, and then a pair of 90s on thursday and friday with a chance of a few scattered thunderstorms. that's going to be our only relief really unless you consider 90 degrees relief. here's your break down now for tomorrow. 75, 88 by noon, and 95 by evening. a little better chance of a few storms tomorrow afternoon. okay, let's talk about the 90- degree day. we put one more in the bank. now we had 44 days, 90 or higher since june 1 and the
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record is 55. that encompass the summer. we are closing in on that. the record for the year is 67. we are up to 49. that's going to be a tougher one to break. 96 at national. 91 in gaithersburg. it's not that humid, which is nice. we are going to factor in the humidity. pumps the temperature up 1 degree. feels like it's 94 up in gaithersburg and more humid down to the south. feels like it's 105 in fredericksburg. that's the second day in a row they had temperatures 104 or higher. lows tonight, low 70s in gaithersburg. primarily mid 70s around the beltway. 75 downtown. maybe a 74 at andrews and a 74 in brandy wine. for tonight then, partly cloudy, muggy again, low temperatures in the 70s. winds will turn out of the north at 10. by tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, hot again by lunchtime. winds out of the north at 10 and then by afternoon, partly cloudy, not quite as hot, some
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thunderstorms are possible. high temperatures 94 to 98 and winds out of the northeast at about 10. highs then on wednesday, a couple degrees cooler, should we say? 97 in arlington. 95 downtown. 95 in andrews and looking at 94 up in gaithersburg and maybe a 93 out toward leesburg and middleburg. satellite picture radar combined, we are watching this. this could become a tropical depression, which could become a tropical storm. it's between florida and cuba. it is headed into the central gulf of mexico and could head toward the coastline of louisiana. stay tuned. looks like it could develop into a depression in the next 48 hours. in the meantime, not much activity tonight. a couple showers and storms well to the south of the west and that is it unfortunately. partly cloudy skies again and on the muggy side. next seven days, 95 tomorrow and then it does go down a little bit.
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okay, 90. a few storms on thursday. 90, a few storms on friday. we have the preseason home opener. temperatures 90 for the high and warm throughout the night really. then it gets warmer. low 90s sunday and monday. a few showers, and more showers on tuesday, with temperatures again around 90. it is tuesday. i thought i would do this. you feel cooler? you feel more comfortable? >> nope. >> oh come on. >> okay. i would like to know, right now, wait a minute. i do like -- no, i just don't like feet. >> 3 feet of snow. >> snow inbetween manassas. i thought it might cool some of us down. it's a fond memory. you want to submit your picture, go to our website, click on the weather tab and then please include your name, town, location, or you get kicked out. >> every day for the next six days, 90. that comes true, we are only three days away from breaking that record that you are talking about. >> by the way, we told you
5:22 pm
about the jobs bill that congress just passed. the president has just signed that bill into law. the hunt is on for a modern day bonnie & clyde. we have the latest for the search on the escaped inmate and his girlfriend up next.
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. police hope you can help them find a missing girl from germantown. stop a moment and take a look at this picture of anna marie beth. the 14-year-old was last seen yesterday morning around 7:00 a.m. she was at her home in bird's eye terrace. if you have seen anna beth, call police. noel focusing on glacier national park. john and his girlfriend, coleen are linked to a double murder in new mexico. now it's been 11 days since he got away with two inmates from the arizona state prison. welch is accused of helping all three with that escape.
5:26 pm
>> themselves bonnie & clyde, they joke about it. >> rest assured, we are going to be on him like a cheap suit. >> the other two inmates have been recaptured. u.s. marshals have received tips that have them focusing on montana right near the canadian border. >> here's what is coming up new at 5:30. >> i'm in queens, new york. a jet blue flight attendant who lost his cool has to answer to a judge. that story coming up. 3q
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and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i had fun today, grandpa. you and me both. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. now new at 5:30, an endorsement from sarah palin puts a maryland candidate on the radar, but will it bring him as far as the mainstream? crews bring their work in the gulf just 30 feet shy of their goals. first, throwing a fit or fitting departure? a flight attendant makes headlines tonight for the way he said, i quit. and that flight attendant made his first appearance in court today. >> witnesses say steven argued with the passenger and then grabbed two beers just before he jumped down the plane to
5:30 pm
evacuation slides, but new at 5:30, shows us while some people are calling him a hero, in court his actions were no joke at all. >> steven slater didn't seem so hot headed while in police custody. in criminal court, the 38-year- old flight attendant now suspended by jet blue pleaded not guilty to reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, and trespassing for his alleged actions. >> he swore at a passenger. >> slater's attorney says the troubles started in pittsburgh when two female passengers fought over space in the overhead compartment. >> he came over to assist. she started cursing and slammed the overhead luggage bin on his head. >> once on the ground in new york, the same passenger reportedly cursed out slater when she couldn't get her bag right away. passengers say slater then got on the plane's pa system and said to the passier who called me a blank, blank, blank you. he then said that's it, i'm
5:31 pm
done. with that, he opened the exit door, deployed the plane's evacuation slide, grabbed two beers and jumped. >> everyone has a bad day, but you don't want to do it and get arrested. >> it was no joke here at slater's arraignment. the da told the judge, slater could have jury injured or injured a member of the ground crew. on the internet, slater's outburst struck a cord. messages included way to go and you are my new hero. a friend of slater's says he has been under a lot of stress. >> he has been a great neighbor and coming back and forth, he takes care of his mother a lot. >> slater could face seven years in prison if convicted. manuel, cbs news, queens, new york. no joke in court, but an entire facebook page spotted up. by noon it had more than 15,000 fans and here's what some of them had to say. anika writes, you so quit with
5:32 pm
style. i bet the passier who hit you will never forget that flight. is it only me thinking that passenger who basically assaulted him by not listening to the flight crew orders to not take anything down to be facing criminal charges as well? >> and david rogers says he deserves to write applause. it's about time people start realizing you can't treat people like yesterday's trash. we sent our lindsay mastas out to see which scenarios people have when quitting their jobs. you can hear what they said tonight. >> talk about a high pressure job. imagine being the guy in charge of drilling that relief well in the gulf of mexico. in an e-mail in the associated press. john wright says there is always drama in the final steps of digging a relief well. he also says he dug those wells for the last 40 years without missing a beat. he says it's a lot like golf. the more you practice, the better you get.
5:33 pm
crews decided to suspend their drilling until stormy weather passes through the area. there are concerns that storms in florida could develop into a tropical depression. right now, they say they are about 30 feet from their goal once they get through, they will pump mud and cement into that relief well to plug the ruptured well from the inside and seal it permanently. >> a big time endorsement launches a candidate to the limelight. but could it do more harm than good? sarah palin has endorsed dark horse, brian murphy over former maryland governor, bob or ehrlich. >> do you feel like the campaign has changed? >> brian murphy was having a hard time getting himself heard. until sarah palin added her voice to his long shot run for maryland governor. >> i never met the governor. >> you have never talked to
5:34 pm
her and she endorsed you? >> that never occurred to me. >> it seems strange, right? >> it's a distraction. if i talked to her for five minutes, would that be enough? no, it should have been a week. >> brian, thank you for being on the show. > thanks for having me. >> palin's endorsement made him a media darling on shows like fox business news. >> ehrlich was the one that spent all the money. >> murphy's sudden spurt of popularity may force bob ehrlich to look over his right shoulder. common sense conservative. >> if a father god forbid rapes his daughter, no abortion? >> i'm pro life. >> period? >> i'm pro life. >> one hazard for murphy, a recent poll that has 40% of voters saying a palin endorsement would make them less likely to vote for a candidate. >> if i believed everything that i read or heard in the
5:35 pm
media, i wouldn't like me either. >> people are so close minded about her. it's as if they were drowning, they wouldn't get in. >> but murphy's campaign is happy to grab the life ring. in washington, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> and bob ehrlich's campaign said the governor was not available to comment today, but a spokesman said palin's endorsement reaffirms the ehrlich's long time independent streak. murphy is hoping palin will campaign with him by the end of the month. as for the current governor, martin o'malley, he spent his day taking hands and met with business owners to promote plans for the purple line. that proposed rail project would connect bethesda and silver spring just outside the beltway. >> well, records could fall with each passing day. meteorologist, topper shutt is on the terrace with your out and about forecast. >> numbers just came in, 98 at national. today is maybe not a great
5:36 pm
celebrated day, but what we are going to do, we are going to put some smores out here. it is 95. we are going to stick on the progress of these and see how long the chocolate melts. we'll have more on that at 6:00. but it is national smores day and you hardly need a flame. steven strasberg is on the mound. even as we get into the 8:00 hour, temperatures still around 90 and then by 10:00, it's only in the mid 80s. so expect mid 80s to mid 90s if you are going to the game. ready for your county close up. we'll start with loudoun county. hot tomorrow, but not quite as hot. 93 hillsborrow. 95 in middleburg and paris 94. slight chance of a thunderstorm. we'll move further to the south and east. georgetown, 94. and again, shower or thunderstorm possible and to the north we go, 93 in
5:37 pm
myersville and frederick county. 94 in frederick and 95 in urbana. we'll come back and have all the numbers for you in a bit. derek and lesley, back to you. a window is the brunt of a woman's rage at the drive through. and like everything else these days, it is caught on tape. we'll tell you what else is up coming up on 9news now. >> and coming up new at 6:00, why the police union is at odds with adrian fenty and why it is filing suit. we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] ziploc presents ziplogic.
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caught on tape tonight, talk about your not so happy meal a. mcdonald's had security video showing a very angry woman punching out two workers
5:40 pm
at the drive through. how come? no, they didn't serve the chicken mcnuggets during breakfast. never when you want it. she also tossed a bottle at the employee then she drove off. melody does have time on her hands to talk about that bad behavior. she was sentenced to 60 days in jail for her tirade on new year's eve. you think she would have beverages at that time? perhaps. she has been ordered to pay for that broken window. the fight over building a mosque near ground zero in new york is not over yet. a city panel declined to grant historic status which clears the way for that project to move forward. then late last night, new york city's transit agency approved this ad for city buses. it shows a plane flying toward the burning world trade center towers and rendering of the proposed mosque. the american freedom defense niche tiff soon to post those ads. >> time to get another check on that evening rush. patranya hoping that things can
5:41 pm
ease up just a tad. >> thanks, derek. we have an accident to tell you about, unfortunately this is in alexandria. this is right by the landmark mall, all lanes were locked for quite some time. emergency crews are out there. a tree fell on a vehicle. so it's a bad scene. avoid that stretch of alexandria. let's switch on over to the capital beltway. from the toll road to the 270 spur, give yourself 15 minutes. the pace picks up over to college park. and that is a quick check of your traffic. >> after two weeks on the dl, steven stros strasburg is back tonight. >> hopefully the warm air will keep his arm nice and loose tonight. we'll take you out with the pollen count. trees pretty much gone. grass low, weeds low, but mold scores in the medium range. you can access that on our
5:42 pm
website at but first, restricted access. why a new proposed deal between an interpret and telecommunications giant could change how freely we all move about on the information highway.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. a new deal of sorts announced on monday could one day reshape the web. consumer groups say those changes also shut the door to open internet access. >> we take it for granted, the ability to zip from one site to another online with easy access, but two in the industry, google and verison may be about to empen j on that freedom. >> this deal might very well be in the best interest of verison and very well in the interest of google. it isn't in the best interest of consumers. >> sherman and other consumer advocates are worried that this deal would allow internet service providers to determine what you get to see on your smart phone and other mobile
5:46 pm
devices and how fast it gets there if they don't pay to play. >> they plant the seeds to create a separate sort of private internet. where only the richest players get to reach consumers. >> exactly what the fcc's rules on net neutrality are supposed to prevent. verison and google call their ideas a legislative proposal. they want to help influence the debate on where the internet heads next. we caught up with smart phone users who weighed in with their thoughts. >> it sounds like businesses manipulating the customer and you know, using money to decide who gets access to what and that's not really what the internet is about. >> i don't want them to control the connectivity between me and the internet. >> congress would have to change laws to put these ideas into motion. it's not clear when they will be ready to police and direct the internet traffic of the future. >> there are also concerns that if these ideas go forward, the internet would have some
5:47 pm
sort of closed system, think of it like cable. but the biggest issue is whether an internet service provider could one day spoon feed you what they think is important, choosing the winners and losers on the web. a sign of the times to save money at the university of virginia. the school removed 38050 land line phones from residence halls. it will save them an estimated half a million dollars a year. uba is upgrading the system. the students overwelmingly rely on cell phones these days. >> a hearing will determine if delaware police illegally searched the offices of a maryland pediatrician. police found critical evidence during a search of dr. el bradley's offices. but evidence seized in that search should be thrown out. bradley suspected of abusing more than 100 children over a
5:48 pm
ten-year period. >> police arrested sixteens in connection with a string of robberies and assault. a crime spree between the middle of july and august 2 included five cases of assault and robbery. some of the victims were badly beaten. the teens were from milton, and lewis. >> thousands are still missing and at least 700 people have been killed from mud slides and flooding in china. hundreds of homes have been ripped from their foundation in the province. rescuers were able to free a man trapped for more than 58 hours in a collapsed apartment in northwest china. torrential rains and the early part of the season had caused rivers to over flow. >> almost like that old song from the 60s and the heat goes on. >> it's nice. >> yeah, and tonight actually the sun will be shining like a red rubber ball. it will be still in the 90s toward the beginning of the baseball game. 98 today. we tied the record high at national. we did not make it to dulles.
5:49 pm
the next three dais, temperatures are going to go down a little bit. 95 tomorrow. a better chance of a couple thunderstorms and thursday and friday, we go back to 90 and a few storms are still possible. all right, we'll break down tomorrow and we are looking at temperatures in the mid 70s to start. upper 80s by noon. very, very hot and we are looking at temperatures around 95 and maybe a thunderstorm as you head home from work. so a little better chance of a storm tomorrow, but not great. and certainly not any canadian air coming our way any time soon. 96 at national. 91 in gaithersburg. 97 in frederick and 96 in fredericksburg. if you factor in the humidity, it doesn't change temperatures a whole lot. it feels like it's 97 downtown. mid 90s in gaithersburg and upper 90s in frederick. folks down in fredericksburg, feels like it's 104. 105 in culpeper.
5:50 pm
71 in leesburg. but downtown and around the beltway, we are talking mid to upper 70s. 75 downtown. 76 in arlington. 74 in bowie. for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, low temperatures in the 70s and winds out of the north at 10. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, hot by lunchtime, 75 to 90. good news is, winds are noterly at 10 and by afternoon, partly cloudy, not quite as hot. a few thunderstorms are possible. highs 94 to 98. hard to believe we have to say not as hot. highs tomorrow then, 95 in rockville. 95 downtown. 95 at andrews and still maybe 96 or 97 around arlington and springfield. zone forecast, 80s if you are toward oakland. 90 in cumberland. and 95 downtown again a couple storms possible. low 90s on the bay, no winds, no advisories. mid 90s tomorrow, a few storms.
5:51 pm
90 on thursday and friday. the preseason home opener on friday. a couple storms still possible. 90 on saturday. maybe a sprinkle, but not a bad day. and then temperatures kind of go back up a little bit. low 90s on sunday and monday. a couple storms and around 90 next tuesday. >> a pattern here. >> a little bit of a pattern. >> keep on going. >> all right. well the heat is not the only thing happening at national's park tonight. the buzz is building. >> that's right, steven strasburg is set to return to the team. hey greg. >> hey leslie and derek. it's a hot night, that's a good thing for steven strasburg. it should be good as he makes a start. he was activated off the disabled list this afternoon. the last time we saw steven strasburg was on july 27. he was scheduled to start against the braves. he was scratched from his
5:52 pm
scheduled start and went on the dl. tonight the nats are keeping their fingers crossed that his shoulder doesn't flair up again. >> we are going to experience those feelings of okay, i hope he is fine, you know, and we can't be anymore cautious, you know, we have done everything we can do and he has done all this work. we anticipate everything is going to be fine, but never take anything for granted. >> he said he did everything possible. the organization did everything possible to make sure that strasburg is 100% for this start. he will be on the pitch count tonight, but it could be less. more on steven strasburg tonight at 6:00, plus we'll tell you what the redskins did today. for now, live at nationals park, back to you, derek and leslie. >> thanks, greg. up next in our health alert, a new treatment for those with prostate cancer that can literally zap away the disease. and coming up new at 6:00, thousands turn out for a handful of jobs in prince
5:53 pm
georges county and some of those physicians depend on uncle sam. i'm peggy fox with where we are following channel 9's pregnancy. take a lock at angie's latest video doing a mommy boot camp class. you'll see our friend keeping up with the hard core mommies. when you were pregnant, did you exercise? log on to and follow along with oh my baby. k
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that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. you can't get it at a health food store. lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish, have other medical conditions and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk of bleeding. blood tests are needed before and during treatment. in some, ldl or bad cholesterol may increase. possible side effects include burping, infection, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, and change in sense of taste. ask your doctor about lovaza, the prescription that starts in the sea.
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some red on wall street this tuesday. the dow dropped 54 1/2 points. the nasdaq fell and the s & p 500 fell 6 3/4 points today. in tonight's health alert, new research shows a spinal test could help doctors accurately diagnosis alzheimer's disease early. the three protein biomarkers of the devastating disease can be detected through spinal fluid in patients years before the on set of memory loss or other symptoms. these markers were present in more than 90% of patients who tested and later developed the disease. although this is a great step forward, there is a lot of research to be done before widespread spinal testing can be offered. also tonight, one in six men will be diagnosed with
5:57 pm
prostate cancer in their lifetime. anita brikman tells us about a new technique that can fight the tumors without the life changing side effects. >> bill was diagnosed with prostate cancer four months ago. >> i had a high psa. i went to a urologist and we did a biopsy and they found that i had cancer. >> he was going to take a wait and see approach, since his cancer was caught very early. but then doctors at nyu medical center told him about an experimental treatment that targets cancer cells specifically. >> it is not invasive. >> thin, laser activated needles are positioned over the prostate where cancer cells are identified. the patient is then given a drug activated by light, once the drug has enough time to seek out the cancer, the laser is turned on to zap it. >> wherever the light meets the drug, blood vessels are destroyed and hopefully the prostate cancer is destroyed as well. >> a big benefit is that it
5:58 pm
may destroy cancer without causing serious side effects. that could mean no sexual, urinary, or reproductive problems, which surgery and radiation can trigger. >> they all aim to destroy the entire gland. >> bill will have another biopsy next month to see if he is cancer free. >> at least i have done something that may work. so i have something to hope for. >> he is hopeful this clinical trial will lead to a successful treatment for him and other prostate cancer patients. nyu and four other medical centers nationwide are doing the initial tests of this potential and exciting treatment. they plan to treat about 30 men. so far, 17 have had the procedure done. anita brikman, 9news now. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> another day, another scorcher. this is a live shot from the national mall where the temperature is 96. that means we are on heat
5:59 pm
alert. topper is on the weather terrace to break down the numbers. top. >> here's the deal. we kind of suffer through another hot day, leslie, and we have one record to show for it. record high at national was 98 today, which actually tied the mark, but only 95 at dulles. that record high was 97. 97 in baltimore. 96 up in martinsburg. certainly hot, but only one to show for it, so to speak. that tied the mark set back in 1943. right now, temperatures are in the mid 90s. 96 at national. 90 up in gaithersburg. now let's factor in the humidity. the temperatures you actually feel as you go outside, not terribly humid out. feels like it's 97. bump it up a degree. feels like it's in the triple digits around manassas. feels like it's 105. baseball tonight, if you are headed there, expect temperatures in the mid 80s to mid 90s as we host the marlins and light winds, partly cloudy and hot. it's a on


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